• Excellence on Customer Service
    Focus on delighting the customer.
  • Dedicated work force
    Competent work force with diversified skills and abilities.
  • Integrity
    Maintaining Fairness in all Interactions.
  • Novel Technology
    Use of New Technology in manufacturing and work process.
  • Being Cooperative Social Responsible
    Handling CSR projects for the betterment of the society.
  • On Time Service
    Delivering the product on a timely basis
  • Respect
    Respect all cultures.
  • Offering Competitive Prices
    Meeting the Customer demand through competitive prices.
  • Utilizing Home Grown resources
    Contributing to the Gross Domestic Production by utilizing national resources
  • Guiding and Caring of the Staff
    The Staff being fulfilled with their basic needs and wants.
  • Household Satisfaction
    Meeting the end consumer perceptions.

Founded in 1973, Edinborough Products (Pvt) Ltd is one of Sri Lanka’s largest food and beverage manufacturing, distributing and exporting companies. Over the years we have gained and maintained a reputation as the symbol of quality and trust.

A reputation earned through maintaining the highest standards, continuous product consistency, and the ability to meet the everchanging needs of consumers.

Our vast range of food and beverage products is consumed and enjoyed daily by millions of Sri Lankans and people all over the world. We are the first and only company to produce Soya Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Fish Sauce, B.B.Q Sauce, Mayonnaise, and Thousand Island Salad Dressing in squeeze bottles and pouches in our very own factory.

Further, our product portfolio consists of Cordials (Natural Fruit Juices), Jams & Marmalades (Jars and potion

controlled tubs), Vinegar (Natural Coconut Variant), Chutneys & Pickles (Jars), Jelly (5 flavours), and Mustard Cream. We are proud to say that we are the market leaders. Our production and distribution footprint covers the Food Service category (star class hotels, top-end restaurants, etc), the General Trade, Modern Trade locally as well as reaching a large number of international markets. We are also the leading contracted supplier for private labeling, custom blends, and customized recipe orders upon request for some of the leading marketing companies in Sri Lanka as well as international companies globally.

We export our products spanning across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asian regions including the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, India, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Seychelles, Italy, and Japan. We generate constant value by helping to earn foreign currency for our domestic economy. Our state-of-the-art modern factory complex is situated in a 25-acre land in Halbarawa, Padukka. We employ more than 1000 people directly as well as another 2000 indirectly. We take responsibility for ensuring good jobs for everyone with comfortable, healthy, and safe working environments for our employees.

In our long journey over five decades of existence, with an everincreasing customer base in the domestic and international markets, we maintain export food quality that conforms to all required international standards.

We are an accredited manufacturer with BRC Food Safety Certification, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, SLS, HACCP, GMP standard certifications, HALAL certification, and comply with SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) requirements. The receipts of these world-class standards and certifications have paved the way for us to export our products to Europe without any barriers. We are deeply aware of our responsibilities towards the

environment, social welfare and seek to lead from the front in pursuit of sustainable food manufacturing so that we can supply our products to the point of consumption with a clear conscience.

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