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Technology has always been the driving force for innovation among all industries. Specifically, within the past few years, technological innovations have been shaking up the food-business sector. Forward-thinking companies are already aware of the immense impact technology has made on the food industry. Technology has already made extreme differences for both food processors and consumers.

The food industry is a significant market to be focusing on. The customer food service industry is forecasted to reach $3 trillion by 2021. That is a large market available for forward-thinking businesses to have success.

According to a 2017 Industry Report, 95% of Food Processors agree that technology improves business efficiency. Most Manufacturers now realize the importance of incorporating technological advances to leverage their position against their competitors, but don’t know the best ways to utilize technological innovations to their advantage.

Ours initiated as a home grown business during the early months in 1973 where technology was not a desire or an essential in the food industry. The products our forefathers manufactured then, only required some basic kitchen equipment. That was at the beginning. There was nothing big, no controls, no precautions; everything was in the open air. But then the requirements changed, behaviors changed and all above items became essentials. Kitchen equipment had to be transformed to appliances. Then further change required in the form of heavy duty industrial equipment being introduced to the process. All these formations created at different periods ended up with a want. A want for new innovation, a want for sophistication and a want for tie up with time. All these want’s paved the way for a new technological war that has since made most of our productions totally automated. There are still a few modules that require human intervention.

The above changes were influenced mostly by the rapid increases of volumes in the usage by consumers. With demand increasing manufacturers had to keep pace with it and the introduction of speedier machines that could prepare large volumes was then introduced to the industry. ‘Edinborough’ were among the pioneers to install such production lines. We harped on absorbing European Standards to our production lines and followed their methods even at the R&D level by incorporating Global Food Standards. Even with all these technical developments, we have still been able to move forward with the secret recipes our forefathers created many years ago.

New versions on standards will be followed. We will change to best ingredients available to manufacture a richer product to the local and international markets. Standards, Updated Procedures and current Floor Plans are all in order at our factory complex to assure a quality guaranteed product. Tech advancements are a continuing philosophy in our environment but nevertheless the prominence we give to the respective standards, especially ISO 9001:2008 are an integral part for our success.

This is how a new era has eloped at “Edinborough”. Challenges are made easier with technically savvy and committed personnel working round the clock. Our staff are trained at the highest level internally and externally without which we will be nowhere in the run for manufacturing supremacy. The staff in return gives out their fullest. We have embraced tech changes and have built state of the art complexes in our chosen industry.

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